California Freshman to Cut off Penis if Donald Trump builds wall


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In a bizarre form of protest, University of California freshman Seth Greenberg has promised to publicly remove his penis (he did not specify the method of removal) if Donald Trump begins project work on the US Mexican border wall.

Trump wall

Make America Great Again

“I’m so confident that Trump is full of shit, that I will cut my dick off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” stated Greenberg in an on the street interview, where he was simultaneously protesting prayer in public school.

When pressed about the validity of his claim, Greenberg promised that “I will really do this. I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”


*This is an entertainment piece – all information found in this article is fictitious, and no representation of any individual, living or dead is intentional.

  • Donnie

    Get to cutting! We don’t care

  • hawkcat

    Do it!

  • Christopher Bonnette-Langlois

    Great, libtard won’t reproduce !!!

  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    please do it

  • Bob Young

    Might as well. It’s not going to get much use in life.

    • Lisa

      Actually, I’m fairly confident looking at him that he “uses” it a lot – sadly and not surprisingly, he’s the only one putting it to use

  • Word Woman

    I will volunteer my time to help build a mile of the wall in order to ensure that this moron doesn’t procreate…

    • Robert kempton

      Me too

    • I support your cause.

      • Bill Hershman

        Did you see his photo?!?! Don’t think he could find someone to procreate with. One fugli dude.

        • Troy

          now he is just contemplating suicide

          • Cubeshaker

            well if you think aboutit.. notpenis nosex…no sex…suicide is areal option

        • JonRobin

          dont kid yourself…. theres a woman for ever guy .

          • Mikel

            Even him?? That’s scary…

          • Edward Sion

            He’ll be the woman in any relationship he’s in.

          • MDPatriot

            …..if the fool doesn’t bleed out when he whacks it off! LOL!!

          • Hal49

            I suggest a hatchet or guillotine type device so the dumb ass won’t chicken out after the first little touch of the blade. Just sayin’.

          • Ronald Arnce

            when I was an EMT in Alaska we responded to a call where a guy had emasculated himself by tying some very strong monofililament line around his junk then jumping off of a chair. it worked . We were able to stop the bleeding and get him to the hospital where he had change of heart. there was an especially talented micro sureon in our town and the guys asked hhim to put it back on for him but he said no if you are that stupid we can take the chance that you may procreate.

          • Hal49

            Yuck, and hahahahahahahahaha!

          • Mike Hanson

            Was the pun intended?

          • JonRobin

            Most likely he already is if hes a california safety pin snowflake.

          • Hal49

            Do you have her number…?

          • Sg Harley


          • Дани С


          • Meat Eater

            Maybe, but have you ever taken the time to look at some of them welfare queens?

        • Charles Allen

          Probably pan-sexual i.e. take what you can get.

        • Daniel Bonacum

          I saw his photo, I don’t think he could find it to cut it off.

        • Shaye La-Rat

          Someone has tickets

        • Christopher Trafnik

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Crash777

        I will pay for part of that mile

      • Raiden Jeremiah

        Me too. We should start a GoFundMe. Let’s make this happen people!

    • Karen Riddell Quinn


    • John Deere

      Where do I apply. Will work for food.

    • Wayne

      Pretty sure he won’t precreate even WITH a dick.

      • Rahn Stephens

        god forebid

      • ChinOhio

        LOL – you’d be really surprised. Stand outside of a social services office some time. Some people you look at and just think, man, it must have been a REALLY dark room.

        • JD Hart

          Most of them are drugged up

        • Bad Hombre

          That’s true – for every testosterone-deprived beta male, there is a homely female wanting to get laid.

          • Blaser270

            Rumor has it that they are extremely grateful for that ride.

        • DidIt

          Is that what we used to call an Oklahoma two-bagger?

          • James Seigfreid

            No…it’s still an Oklahoma two-bagger….

          • Roberta Precious-Robocop Marti

            This boy is a 3 or 4 bagger actually lolol

        • Hobbs R. Hobbit

          ROFLMAO you are so spot on with that comment…..

        • Blaser270

          Don’t even have to go there. A trip to Walmart should give you ample examples.

      • JBrickley

        He doesn’t have the balls so no…

      • Hal49

        And obviously shouldn’t.

    • enyduke


      • Word Woman

        No…that can be reversed 😉

        • Bill


      • Tom Wright

        Why should WE pay for anything for that idiot?

      • burlofearl

        no it will better to let the idiot cut it off himself, and hope he bleeds out, maybe he can even get some of his friends to do it also, that is if he has any.

      • Ronald Arnce

        that doesn’t hurt either

      • HawkeyeH

        He wants to take more off then a vasectomy will remove.

    • bkp100

      I’m in….

    • ChinOhio

      Will work for beer.

      • Mitchell Dysert

        Will do it for free.stupidity should be outlawed

    • Rahn Stephens

      just bring your pruning shears. lol

      • you mean tweezers!

      • William Kirk

        Fingernail clippers!!!

      • Cubeshaker

        pruning sheers… try nail clippers….more likely right size for the job

      • MDPatriot

        ……a dull Girl Scout knife.

        • Don Collins-Currie


    • Mocking Bird

      I’m ready to join. Let me know where and when.

    • GabbyinFlorida

      ^5 hahaha I agree

    • Nico D’Angelo


    • Judith Thompson

      I am there with you!

    • Peter Mettler

      You good woman! Must support you.

    • Hobbs R. Hobbit

      I am with you…I will volunteer to help build that wall but I want to make sure that idiot follows through on cutting off what little penis he has…..

    • Joe

      Hell yeah i agree with u, let this moron loose his manhood, since apparently he has no good use for it! I will donate my time also!!

    • Pete

      Hey She could be the next senator from tranny land representing Callifunyums .

    • Roberta Precious-Robocop Marti

      I will get out there with my tools and build it with the workers for free to make sure no more Democrats like this shame true democrats like me.
      Plus I’d actually like to see the look on this jackwagon’s face when he has to “bone up” to his promise bahahaha I’m so disgusted in my party members but God bless em if they don’t bring a whole new level of entertainment hahaha

    • Craig Stevens

      If you REALLY cared, you would volunteer to bring a pair of tweezers to help him find it.

      • burlofearl


      • RainingStarrs

        Bahahahahaha! She also would need to bring a Magnifying Glass, so he could find the dang thing! LSHIWMP!!!

    • MDPatriot

      Count me in to help!

    • Janet Kurczek III

      Yep, me to 😉

    • Derek Benedicto

      I agree totally word/woman. I definitely would not want his dna to annihilate and tarnish the gene pool of humanity. I look at that pic of him and I can only imagine what is going on in his mind.

      • Ronald Arnce

        you are assuming he has a mind

        • Derek Benedicto

          I totally forgot that one, it will really be funny to see what he does if they started building a wall.

    • BobsNot Jesus

      Count me in for a mile

    • terrilynnmerritts

      I’ll help.

    • Bob Raskey

      And I’m with you…

    • Judy Ward StClair Baker

      That was my first thought when I read this!!!

    • David Gray


    • airstart

      Good idea, the need to thin the herd is becoming more apparent a;; the time.

    • Dianne Turner

      I’ll buy a brick or two. Or a few.

    • HotasL .

      No need since there is no chance of him and his boyfriend procreating, and by the looks of this idiot he is a bottom and won’t be needing his little weenie.

    • rayunseitig

      well that is just a joke, now there are more like that. But I’ll joing you on the wall project and bring tools as wel.

  • Nina

    They already started building the wall, can’t this kid get anything right?

  • Robert kempton

    Call Mrs Bobett

    • Victoria Norman

      Excellent idea

    • Rahn Stephens

      lol ((too soon?)) she may be out of practice

  • Robert kempton

    Retarded liberals are showing just how stubid they are .

  • EBRM

    An absolute f*****g idoit with a big mouth.He will find some ridiculous excuse when the wall is built.Greenbergs picture suggests he is non compis mentis. What a piece of trash he really is. This is another lying demorat thats looking for cheap publicity.

    • Steven Wedig


  • Robert kempton

    A atheist with out a way of breeding 🙂

    • khanstruct

      “An” “without”

  • Patti Melton

    It will only show how ignorant you are. You are also wasting everyones oxygen by breathing.

  • davidazus

    There’s a famous Seth Greenberg, making googling the veracity of this story a bit harder. Though if he does what he says, it wont be hard at all.

  • Merwin Green

    He’s not even a Mexican!

    • Patricia Rodriguez

      No he’s an idiot.

  • Trump has already initiated plans to begin construction of the wall, before he has even been inaugurated into office. This guy deserves to lose his dick one way or another for being so outrageously stupid.

  • Kris Rose Hahn

    It seems to me it will be a very SHORT surgery, as his ‘opinion’ has already led us to the conclusion that he has no nuts, ( no spine, no backbone, no guts, no gumption, etc) so might as well let the rest of it go also.

  • )))Alternative für Deutschland

    hAHAHAhahahahaha AHHHHH hahaha do it queer

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    Nothing new here….Just another Typical California Liberal!!

  • Robert kempton

    I hope this becomes a trend with liberals .

    • Karen Riddell Quinn

      But Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t have a penis to cut off…oh wait…she does…oh wait …


      • Paul Soucy

        Rosie O’Donnell will take her strap on off and show us her Who Haa instead.

        • Jim Voorhees

          Not so much a who haa as a what Tha ?

        • Tom McGovern

          Great one Paul

      • burlofearl

        hers is probably so big it would take three or four people to cut it off. LOL!

    • Rhan Tegoth

      Nope! Not gonna happen. Most liberals, like yours truly, actually put our dicks to use inside of women instead of dogs, farm animals, and mens rear ends(when no one is looking!).

      • Patrick T Gray

        dont forget your mouth. that cockwasher under your nose

        • Rhan Tegoth

          I enjoy cunnilingus, thank you.

          • Mr.Roboto

            What would you know about a woman ? I can understand you raping men,farm animals and dogs. Most liberal gay men like you have never experienced a woman but have experienced all of the other things that you have mentioned. I’m not complaining though because at least you aren’t procreating.

          • Rhan Tegoth

            Certainly more than you, princess. I guess Patrick T Gray’s boifriend came out of the woodwork to white knight him!

          • ChinOhio

            Carrying on the stereotype, you go, girl.

          • Justin

            The only thing Rhan knows about women is you have to inflate one before you can touch it.

          • Edward Sion

            This guy is a typical stupid liberal. Only a liberal would come up with such a stupid thing to say or do. Thinking that it would do anything.
            Someone needs to tell this idiot that the American taxpayers have been taken advantage of long enough. We are sick and tired of our politicians not doing their job. It’s time they look out for us.

          • slimleroy

            Classic opposite accusations from liberals. Never gets old does it?

          • Tom Wright

            Cunnilingus? You mean suckin’ dicks?

          • burlofearl

            his ideal of cunnilingus is sticking his tongue up a guys ass, or maybe it was his moms puss as he was being born, because i am sure that was the one and only time he has ever been close to a pussy.

          • Rhan Tegoth

            Nope! Cunnilingus = eating pussy. I know you’re retarded but just sayin’.

          • Ronald Arnce

            his version of it

      • Tom McGovern

        Who are you bullshitting ?

      • Pam Dworshak

        Before you make a comment like this you should maybe do a little research because you are so completely wrong. Now I have to prove it to you and once again facts prove you are only talking S***.

        • Rhan Tegoth

          That website is intentionally biased with false information. Dismissed.

          • Pam Dworshak

            You claim to be a liberal democrat, yet you don’t want to admit what liberalism is about. Isn’t liberalism about tolerance? Now Republicans are conservatives, meaning we hold to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion. You know these Muslims all you leftest love so much, also lean to the left and they see nothing wrong with sex with animals, they do have to kill the animal after they are done with it, or they can sell it to someone like you, a non Muslim, it’s ok for you to slaughter and eat. You saying that it is the right that has liberal beliefs tells me you’re ashamed of the party you’re with. Trying to push your parties dirty beliefs on us isn’t going to work, after all liberals are the tolerant ones, so y’all claim to be.


    • Ronald Arnce


  • Bill Kelly

    That would make him a dickless dick!

  • Igor

    Does he need any help?

  • Bob Geese

    Well, I just donated…

  • elizabeth

    Mr. President you can tax my paycheck to ensure that the wall gets built, to save all humanity from this Libtard being unable to infect the population with children.

  • pa104inf

    Just like a typical liberal when Trump starts building the wall he will pretend like he never said that he would change his sex effectively.

  • gunfighterman

    I’m sharpening my blades as we speak

  • Robert Sparks

    Like this is going to happen. How many liberals went to Canada after Trump won. None. Liberals write checks with their mouth that always bounce.

    • ChinOhio

      “Writing checks with their mouths that they are unable/unwilling to cash”

    • Jim Voorhees

      We can always hope this one has the intestinal fortitude to carry through.

    • demoman

      there was a guy that owned a just and publicly offered to fly them to Canada for free but no one took him up on the offer

  • Rascaljay

    How exactly is it an injustice to the Mexican people for us to enforce our immigration laws?

    • Justin

      Because whining, sniveling, poli-tardidly correct liberals can label anything an injustice if it doesn’t agree with their opinion. And if you have any different opinion than them, you’re some heartless, twisted, unhuman being for not agreeing with them and coddling them like their parents did.

    • Tom Wright

      Kinda wondered that myself. Wonder if that idiot knows what would happen to him if he got caught sneaking into Mexico??? Only a libtard would actually want to sneak into that shithole.

    • slimleroy

      Because liberals/democrats lose their gold mine of a voting block if we start doing so.

  • Bob Woitunski

    Please cut it off we don’t want people that think like you to have children !!

  • Je_Sui_Pepe

    WHY?! are liberals such fools?

  • Elizabeth Grilley

    Good that means there isn’t a chance in heck that he can reproduce more idiots like himself…See there is good in everything if you just look for it…

    • ChinOhio

      He probably has self-titillated himself and frozen it. But maybe he isn’t that smart.

  • Peggy Roberts Way

    Yeah…… you’re just like those idiot liberals that swore to leave the country if Trump won the presidency. And where are they today……. STILL HERE !

  • Sean Carrigan

    Probably just a small snip and it will be over lol

    • Jen the Great

      I’ll offer up my hangnail trimming scissors.

      • Patrick T Gray

        a cheese grater

    • ChinOhio

      With kiddie scissors.

    • Tom Wright

      As someone suggested in an earlier post, fingernail clippers.

  • 🇺🇸 deplorable Indy ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    DOOO IIITTT!!!!!

  • Michael Gerardi

    Please do. And encourage all libturd snowflake crybabies to do likewise. The fewer of you left to pass your libturd genes into the gene pool, the better.

  • Kimberleely

    Self mutilation there’s a medical name for that! Go for it anyway.

  • Coitus, Ergo Sum no more.

    (not that this ugly mother had much anyway)

    And we’ll all be better off.

  • Michael Rosenblatt

    I will bring a small scissor for this dude!!

  • Jay Schwab

    Good idea. One more liberal idiot out of the gene pool.

  • patricksperry

    A Freshman at which campus..? I see money to be made here! Maybe a Pay Per View..?

    • RadicalizedModerate

      I’ve seen freshmen do some pretty out-there things

      • ChinOhio

        I’ve seen people of all ages do some pretty out-there things.

  • rightislight


  • Greg Thiemer

    I will pay to see you do this and may I suggest you stuff it up your ass for a finally.You will make your parents so proud of you

  • Country_Dog

    No big loss. Other than to write love letters to himself in the snow, what else is he (?) using it for?

  • Amanda Bealmear

    LMBO!! What an idiot! This is the stupidest virtue signal I’ve seen. I VOLUNTEER my time to go to the border and help build that wall because I guarantee you, this guy won’t follow through.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    Good deal…he won’t be able to procreate, sparing all of us another level of idiocy.

  • Lyndel Beckwith

    Good! He won’t breed anymore like him!! (What did he promise if Trump was elected? Same thing? He got 2 to cut off?)

  • Greg Mac

    No ! The only thing this will prove is what a idiot you are !

  • Karenys

    Really – why does he even bother going to college? He apparently is already a fricken brain surgeon…

  • Greg Mac

    Trump already has 11 billion $ to get started on 7 hundred miles of bourder wall , so get to snipin little boy

  • enyduke


    • ChinOhio

      Kill the cap lock – annoying.

  • Donmo

    It is so sad that Seth doesn’t feel that he can get a girl friend if Trump builds his wall. Seth, don’t lose hope, lose that stupid hairdo and get some Clearasil or something to work on that chin, looks like you fell into a meat grinder. There is an English speaking American Girl out there somewhere that will love you, clean up your act, learn that prayer is a good thing, especially for fat, ugly kids with no moral training, All is not lost, you may need that little guy. As a symbolic gesture, go ahead and section the Vas Diffrential, that would be a favor and a blessing to society.

  • Ryan Reyes

    Where do I sign up for the wall’s construction crew?

  • xnavygunner

    Like he’s ever used it.

  • donttreadonme9

    please do it, we will watch and laugh….

  • RadicalizedModerate

    “He” might have the original equipment of a she, and “it” might be removable.

  • Craig Mcdonald

    I support you 100%. Thank you for planning to remove yourself from the gene pool

  • Tim_CA

    If you’re built like the average Lib……I’m pretty sure no one would notice, skippy.

  • Litesoutlibs the ebullient

    Looks like a dumb s*** too.

  • 𝑱𝒐𝒉𝒏 𝑩𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒆𝒚𝒄𝒐𝒓𝒏


  • Gary Hancock

    His parents must be SO PROUD of raising this moron. I bet they are thinking,, why oh why did we not use a condom.

  • Joseph Austin Tackett

    First, he’ll have to remove it from his own ass. Good riddance, and skip the Gene Pool.

    • ChinOhio

      I doubt it reaches…..

  • ernest

    well a little bitch like this don’t need a penis anyway

  • kolokol

    You Go, girl

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Will Seth’s boyfriend miss it?

  • ChinOhio

    Well, with those ravishing good looks, he probably won’t be using it much anyway. And probably not losing much.

  • Uncle Ted

    Typical dumb down idiot has no idea that anyone gives a damn because he won’t be able to breed more idiots!!

  • Sharon McGraw

    this person needs to be immediately installed in a mental institution!

  • Kathy Guymond

    You are an idiot lol that’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face lol

    • StarTheory

      Well look at him, does he really look like someone with a brain?

  • ChinOhio

    I guess he will then be unlikely to “stand up for” many other causes.

  • Dee Burnsides

    The injustice to the Mexican People? Really? What about the INJUSTICE to the American people, and the people that come here LEGALLY and actually respect America?

  • Godot

    All liberal men should do this hahahaha

    • ChinOhio

      Liberal “men”? A new species?

    • Dee Burnsides

      Are there any real men in the left?

      • Godot

        I know, right? Lmao most are beta as f*ck xD

    • StarTheory

      ‘Liberal’ and ‘men’ does not go in the same sentence.

  • ThomasER916

    The wall just got 3 inches taller.

  • Sharon McGraw

    so line your pockets with money, take the best vehicle you can find, go into deep Mexico where people are oppressed! You don’t know history you entitled brat!

  • Renno

    Just another brain dead liberal with all talk no action.

  • Paula Beltrani Celino

    Well, no problems of enabling this family’s continuing stupidity in the gene pool

  • Igor Levitsky

    Why wait? Do it now to bring worldwide attention to prevent construction

  • junkbondtrader41

    You better sharpen and sterilize your surgical tools, stud! There have been surveyors working for the transition on the border soliciting plans and feedback from ICE and the local officials on wall construction for weeks now, and the legal infrastructure is already there to do it under EXISTING law, the Fence Act of 2006! ALL of this has been in he news for some time.

    This is really getting entertaining. Their line that the “wall” was a giant lie, “boob bait for bubbas,” as it were, that Trump had no intention of fulfilling, is now slowly giving way to everyone getting the vapors over the realization Trump meant it! But this boob is a little behind in his new gathering, something that isn’t advisable if you’re betting your manhood!

    • SilverDragons

      What manhood?

  • spymon74666

    How does he plan to pay for it once Obamacare is repealed?

  • Sharon McGraw

    just one more thing, WHEN YOU make your promise come true…are you going to live in your parents basement?

  • Pete Julian

    Do you need to borrow a good full knife? I’ll even GIVE you one.

    • Sharon McGraw

      now that’s funny, what kind of idiots are our universities informing? Perhaps we need to look at the educational system more closely

  • Belinda Wicker

    Sounds best if this moron does not procreate anyway…LOL. Build that wall.

  • Kesha


  • Romney Marsh

    hahahahahaha well let’s get all the liberal males to follow this moron. That will solve all of our problems!!

  • Patricia Rodriguez

    This folks is what is known as an idiot. He is a product of our public institutions. Since idiots like him like to band together and protest as a group, we can only hope that others join his cause to rid our country of the idiotic gene.

  • JeanineS

    How about if he just doesn’t accept financial aid for college? That would be a shocker!

  • Nathan Kolton

    Its BS….just do a google image search with that picture up top….

  • einheit

    Please… do it!

  • Rand

    That gene pool needs to be thinned out anyway…

  • Joseph Snipes

    If we get more Liberals to join his cause Im sure we could start a gofundme page and have this wall paid for before Trump even takes office.

  • Mike

    Must be the catcher not the pitcher

  • FreauxDeaux

    I have a dull machete I’ll gladly loan you, pendejo.

  • bobbyvand

    Sounds like a small job.

    • SilverDragons

      I agree. Will probably only need a paper punch.

  • marshallz

    My Jack Russell will do it for you.

  • Rhan Tegoth

    He’s bluffing. Don’t get too excited now, teabaggers! Of course he WONT do it regardless of whether or not the wall gets built.


    Hey, I’m 76 and have many illnesses but I will volunteer my time to help build that mile just so this dumbass can’t procreate more like himself. But he’ll be like the celebrities that promised to leave and didn’t.!!…..

  • Ralph Pizzani

    This fuckin’ moron won’t get much use out of it anyway ! I volunteer to place his tiny dick in a cigar trimmer !

  • Gerald Messick

    If he sends me his address, i’ll provide the tool to do it with. I don’t want it back though.

  • Robin Martz

    This idiot needs some help. Like involuntary commitment into an institution for mentally ill ppl. One where they put him into a straight jacket. Used to be, when ppl threatened to physically harm themselves, they got thrown into jail or a mental hospital.

  • Paul C Jepsen

    Need to borrow a knife Seth?

  • Bert Collins

    He’s from California! He has had interest in having his “incher pincher” removed long before Trump started talking about a wall.

  • Aaron Freeman

    What injustice?!?! In Mexico?!?! Yeah, that I can see… but here?!?! Get a grip, snowflake! Pun intended!

  • Timberline

    Based on his comments, it’s clear that Greenberg will require the use of a microscope and tweezers to find his target

  • Gabby

    Brains there. Unreal. None of the loud mouth celebrities moved. Darn. For some reason l think he will do it. He needs an evaluation. He has brains, attending University of Ca, unfortunately, no common sense. Give him the help he needs.

  • Larry J. Humphrey

    When in Vietnam a Buddist monk set himself on fire in front the Saigon embassy and My mom back in the day had a saying; some people will cut off their nose to spite their face? But this goes beyond anything my mom was ever thinking about? I have thought for some time that we live in a crazy world? I’m thinking though that now I know the left is totally insane!”

  • Sylvan Tieger

    Let us hope he cuts it off before he breeds with Rosie O’ Donnell or any other democrap libertard from the land f FRUITS and NUTS

  • TJ Bone

    Do it. Show us how tough you are.

  • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

    too bad he thinks that his private is such a significant thing……
    who really cares about it except him?

  • RRR


  • JD Hart

    Protesting prayer? I thought they coddled the refugees, that are allowed a prayer room and prayer rugs?

  • JD Hart

    I will donate my cigar tip cutter for his protest

  • JD Hart

    Basically he is a dick head, so I hope he starts with the correct penis!

  • Huai Lang

    Use a spoon!

  • Emma Brown

    I’ll give the scissors! 😄

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    apparently all he’s ever used it for is to piss or he’d never even joke about this!!

  • Firestar45

    Like another guy elsewhere observed, “There doesn’t seem to be much meat to this story.”

  • How is preventing ILLEGAL immigration an injustice to the Mexican people? If they want to come here, do it legally!

  • Steve

    Talk about “cutting off your nose to spite your face”

  • Lois Verhaeghe


  • Kendall Gould


  • meb10

    Please, young man, do not mutilate your body in service of the idea that Trump will or will not do any particular thing. To do so is futile, as Trump does everything he does more in the service of his own narcissistic self than any cause or other person not named Donald Trump. Do not sacrifice your own body for this unpredictable lunatic, please.

  • Gary Stuart


  • Tony

    Thank god….Another liberal will be removed from the gene pool….Make sure you take the sack and marbles with it to match your mangina…..

  • Judith Thompson

    Please do remove your male member ,We don’t need you breeding anymore morons.

  • Alan Jäger

    I’m just curious if he even has a penis to cut off…

  • allah_speaking

    C’mon people… find the guy’s twitter account and post the following…

    “The wall just got three inches taller.”

  • How many celebrities who threatened to move to Canada if Trump was elected actually moved?

    The only promise these leftist freaks seem to keep is the unspoken one that they promise to be d*cks.

  • renee

    Deplorables unite, let’s help build this wall…. Plus if he does that that only means he can’t create kids and give them the snowflake gene

  • Richard Holden

    LOL two benefits from this action

    1. He will finally stop playing with it
    2. The little dumbarse will never reproduce

  • FreezingFreddieMN

    Tinkerbell better be careful what he wishes for. There are millions of carpenters, masons, iron workers…that will gladly volunteer their talents to build all the wall Trump wants.

  • Patti Christmas

    Perhaps someone has a plastic sp-ork handy for his “operation”. #BuildThatWall

  • Johnny Goldwater

    Everyone is going to be very disappointed.

  • gimpy

    The only use he has for a penis is to suck on and he might be able to when it is cut off and he can reach it.

  • FreedomGone

    Better idea. Cut off your eyelids.

  • Jim Barrow

    The only person who cares if Seth Greenberg cuts off his penis is Seth Greenberg.

  • Tom McGovern

    Do you notice the blems on his face and his eyes being too close together? This guy won’t do it because all he does is play with himself.

  • Bershawn300

    If you support unmitigated illegal flooding of our borders without boundaries, something tells me you may have already lost your manhood. Sad.

  • Troy

    this will definetly make him a hero

  • catlady

    i also will help build the wall.. fkn snowflakes

  • Andrew Devay

    This has to be some sort of joke or parody. Well, maybe not…

  • Michel Loutchaninoff

    How can you “cut off” what you don’t have…………dickless loon

  • Aventus

    I’m sure this dweeb has never used it so I’m sure he won’t miss it!

  • demoman

    can we include his balls in the offer….oh wait he has none

  • Delta001

    its not like he was using it

  • Tim Roof

    This can’t be real. Must be satire.

  • Poppy Haynes

    Do you even have one, Snowflake? Grow up!

  • Andrew Russo

    Probably a short cut

  • Mike

    He must be a catcher not a pitcher

  • uglybagofwater

    Is there a wall construction fund I can donate to?

  • truthon

    This young man needs counseling not vicious comments.

  • uglyamerican

    New book: “How Seth Greenberg Came to be Called ‘Dickless Wonderboy’!”

  • Cliff Lee

    What’s the big deal? Liberal males have no dick anyway! It would also make it easier for him to dress like a women and share bathrooms with little girls.

  • bbb

    from the looks of him,its doesn’t look like he will need a penis,,its useless to him,, ,,so cut it off,no reason not to

  • Lisa Renee Helton

    maybe he should call someone that knows how to cut off oh too young to know name lorena

  • Morrill Turpitude

    Meaningless threat. He’s a Leftist. He does not have a penis.

  • Sammie Jo

    LOL Go ahead, not going to hurt any of us if you cut off your dick. I bet you could cut it with cuticle scissors and that’s why you want to get rid of it. lol

  • David Sisk

    I’ll roll up my sleeves …Have trowel, will travel!

  • Connie Daniels

    takes cutting off your nose to spite your face to a whole new level, lol

  • Marcia Hyer

    who would care. What an idiot don’t need him to have children.

  • Amy C

    Cut it off..Cut it off. HAHHA. At least it would end him breeding more stupid.

  • Bill Crowley

    I’d have to build a mile of wall one foot high just to watch the show. What’s he going to do if they approve prayer in school? Sew his ass closed?

  • Chris G

    This punk is only seeking his 15 minutes of fame. I’ll hand him the knife to git r done. Same deal as the idiot famous people who said they would leave the country in Trump was elected. Not one of them has left and this punk won’t cut off his weiner… publicity stunt/ attention depraved etc.

  • mountaintopeagle

    Lock him up and leave him there he needs no mercy .He is a nutcase if there ever one.

  • tidblgrr

    One down that won’t be able to procreate 😉 I double dare you to do it 😉

  • DidIt

    I think I feel sorry for his dad (and mom, too). Wondering if the dad is sitting there thinking “What did I do wrong?”

  • Mikel

    Then cut it off Dude… With idiotic thinking like that, we (I) don’t want you reproducing anyway!!

  • Petertimber


  • Richard Snider

    Hell I’ll provide the tool (whatever means he intends) for him to mutilate himself. This sort of “Commie” BS needs to be put in its place once and for all. No new communists, at least from this scumbag.

  • Matthew Mock


  • David Hyer

    I hope trump only builds 1.5 miles just to spite this fucker

  • amindofitsown

    This is satire, right?

  • truthinrealitynow

    HA! That would be awesome! Any others want to do the same?

  • jhsif

    Wonder how much it would cost to get him to say the phrase “HASSAN, CHOP!” Like in that bugs bunny cartoon. If I had to guess he goes to Bezerkley University which PRETENDS to be a University, when in fact it is actually a cult!

  • William Clinton III

    Make sure this guy pays up. Either he does it, or someone do it for him.

  • Stan

    “…injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.” What injustice is inflicted on the mexican people? We want to protect our nation? Is that the injustice? Ahhhh, I get it now. He’s joking and wants his 15 minutes of fame.

  • jennifer

    Y’all know he won’t. Little snowflake talks big, he’ll run and accuse US of being mean to him when we call him out.

  • Anon #3999

    Let’s make the wall stretch all around the southern border so he doesn’t have a lower body.

  • The Bogeyman

    Sounds like (((Seth Greenberg))) will need to buy some microsurgery instruments to take care of the few millimeters the mohel left behind.

  • highiq

    another village idiot. Good thing he does we can’t stand another person with his genes

  • Don Batz

    Half of these snowflakes have no idea what they are protesting about. He’s gonna build the wall asshole so maybe an illegal won’t take a job from you when you get out of school. These idiots are in for a rude awakening when they get into the real world. Do you think your boss is going to create a safe space for you to go cry when you get your ass chewed out for screwing up. Ha Ha I don’t think so. Better live with Mommy as long as you can

  • Janetfor4life

    Dear President Trump: DO IT. Just do it. This act by this big dummy will be one more way to “Make America Great Again” but taking his seed out of existence.

  • Lynne

    At he won’t be breeding more idiots

  • Melody Dawn

    HAHAH He was probably already planning for the “surgery” anyway…

  • Janice Nunley Erickson

    What an idiot

  • Karen

    I would like to see explain why it is an ‘injustice’ to the Mexican people to be expected to follow immigration laws and build a wall to prevent ILLEGAL entry into this country. But true to liberal form, they just spout off soundbites and never back it up with evidence or reason.

  • Leon

    I suggest you start researching whats the best way to cut of your penis, what knife to use and how to get yourself stitched up afterwards so long…

  • dana daddee

    injustice, hmmmm? forcing them to enter the usa legally is somehow an injustice??
    bizarre non logic.

  • Brandon

    Someone draw up a contract? I’m still pissed that Schumer and Dunham haven’t vacated the country.I don’t want to get burned again.

  • EQ4ALL

    Go ahead dumbass.

  • Michael Wugin

    I will quote someone?:
    He is a discrace to my race!!!
    Saying that thanks to God there are more smart and ingenious people who are part of our race , but once in a while , Soros, Marks, hapens,
    So i like to say to this young man;
    ” Circusicion ” and castration are not the same think, just in case you do not know it!!!

  • Terry Svejda

    At least he won’t be able to breed then!

  • Dex Ragatz

    OK, get out the microscope… His little willy was never going to be much good to anyone else anyway.

  • Edward Sion

    What about the injustice being imposed on the American taxpayers. We have been paying for illegals invading our country and our politicians who are supposed to be looking out for the citizens of this country are not doing their job.
    So go ahead kid the rest of the country doesn’t want you to reproduce. I doubt you will ever do it. But by all means feel free to prove me wrong.

  • Cody Niemi

    How many celebs said they’d move to Canada if Trump won? Not a single one has packed up yet. Everyone who knows this guy needs to hold him to his promise. And if he doesn’t have the courage to do it, they should do it for him.

  • TMC

    He really isn’t that upset if he is only going to make such a small, meaningless gesture?

  • Charles H Luce

    Hell i will do it anyway because any Moron this stupid should not be Breeding…..

  • Carl Mccutcheon

    The over the hill comes Piss Ball Pete,
    With 50 lbs of swingin’ meat,
    Into a meat grinder if he builds that wall,
    He’ll throw himself in dick and all,
    Now over the hill comes Piss Ball Pete.
    With 50lbs.of shredded meat!

  • David Perez

    We’re mixing mortar as we speak, start sharpening that Swiss Army knife snowflake!…

  • Cap

    Good! One less brain damaged liberal proceating. Maybe others will follow his lead!

  • roboteq

    Before either side goes off half cocked about this, let’s look at the results pragmatically. I see this as a win/win situation. When the wall gets built, this guy will somehow cut off his penis, thus ending his ability to procreate. Once his penis is removed, it would be easier to construct a vagina for him, which is most likely his preference. So, he gets to be a womanish freak of a person who has to take hormones the rest of its life and its DNA gets pulled out of the gene pool. Win/Win.

  • Mark


    Well, most of his penis was already missing.

  • woss

    One more cock to put in his mouth

  • Kathy Force


  • Don Klein

    He will be just like the rest of the Libtards and back out…but if he does follow through, there are plenty of people in Hollywood to help him out.

  • blackwood777

    Let’s start laying bricks……..

  • Ernest Lewis

    at least that will stop him from breeding big benefits

  • Donna Lake

    I hope he cuts off his balls too.

    • Tim0619

      I don’t think he has any!

  • Alea Iacta Est

    Lorena Bobbit….get in touch with this boy.

  • MizRispee

    “…Injustice against the Mexican people”? Really?
    HE’s full of shit in his thinking in more ways that one. Maybe he needs to move out of his parent’s house and find employment for all the time he has on his hands, or in his pants.

  • Stupid is as Stupid does, and Snowflakes are horribly stupid, lol! This Seth Greenberg sounds like a really retarded and mentally lacking Snowflake! I bet he loves to dress up like Mike Obama, in his dress and all! What an ignorant fecal maggot this child is! But, what do you expect from the Land of Loons, California? Thank you, Jesus, for giving us President Donald J. Trump! Now, lets get this wall built so this Seth can join the ranks of perverts like Mike/Michelle!

  • cat l bert

    By all means, please do. Better the big head than the little, and be sure to post the video. “¡Con Méjico Hasta el Final!”

  • Timmae/BANNON

    What if Obama and Zuckerburg build walls around their brand new Hawaiian homes.

  • Sean Wells

    Hell I am going to laugh if he does it

  • Brion Boyles

    I don;t see what all the fuss is about. Sounds to me like he doesn;t know how to use it anyway. Doubt he’ll miss it. Girls will probably thank him…but not for the reason he thinks.

  • Michael Westad

    If he is serious why doesn’t he sacrifice something he has a use for?

  • tarvana

    He won’t really do it. Just like none of the Hollywood elite actually moved to Canada after the election.

  • burlofearl

    this clown probably doesn’t have a penis to cut off, that is why he can say that, all he has is hair, and that is what he will be cut off, thinking he is cutting off his penis. just another liberal Idiot.

  • Mari

    Do it. I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me you moron.

  • Tracy Allen

    I hope he enjoys being a girl …. no wait he won’t have a vagina either! No penis … no vagina …. poor fella!

    • Pam Dworshak

      He/she maybe thinking if he/she does it he/she may get his/her sex reassignment surgery for free. A real man would never part with his member.

  • Patty Seifert-Ledbetter

    oh please, go ahead and cut it off. you look like you barely use it now. like cleaning closets, if you haven’t used it in six months, toss it. just because you don’t like trump is no reason to cut your Johnson off. I mean, he is there when no one else is, he doesn’t talk back, and yeah, he spits, but not that often and he is easy to clean up after. trump is just another one who likes to hear himself talk. suck it up goober,life does not revolve around you.

  • Raymond Brown

    Injustice against the Mexican people? Huh? I will sharpen the scissors and get them ready.

  • Lee Kimble

    LOL are so stupid? cut it off you POS , if your so dumb to give a body part for fkn wet back your just as dum
    b as they are…

  • dennodog

    Go ahead snowflake. You only use it to pee with,anyway.

  • TimSingleton

    Having trouble here…is he trying to stop the wall or encourage a letter writing campaign to encourage Trump to fast track building the wall?

  • terrilynnmerritts

    He won’t do it. Young libtard just needs attention. And what injustice is it to the Mexican people if they cannot enter illegally.

  • Kids these days …

  • BrooklynBorn

    Do it!

  • Pam Dworshak

    He says he will cut his “Dick off” I bet his boyfriends name is Dick, and Dick won’t be getting any from this idiot.

  • Mike Goff

    the pure insanity of the left is showing in this one lol lol

  • Shaye La-Rat

    Some of the comments haha and you people think you’re the smart ones YEAH RIGHT

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    So us building a wall to keep the scum in there own country is inflicting injustice against the pos. How about their own country takes care of them, these left wing nuts should all be castrated so they don’t spawn other pos libs.

  • Ryan Tippens

    i wonder if there are any other federal laws such as immigration laws that will cause him to remove any other body parts??

  • Glenda Fain

    Why wait?, Go ahead and cut it off now

  • dridata

    Anyone that dumb should not be allowed to procreate in any case. Build that wall!

  • Robert Jennings

    I hope he video tapes his stupidity

  • Chuck_Key

    Greenberg’s probably a female in the first place.

  • Trish Long

    Sure that will show him! His presidency may only last four to eight years but his penis will be gone forever. Go for it I say!

  • RobGoblin
  • Rodney Brown

    I’m fairly certain he’s not using it anyway.

  • Greg Elliff

    …..and? Get on with it, already.

  • John Hnatchuk

    Where do I send money to buy a DOZEN bricks? –Also will they require concrete? I have a connection to get a better price.Now Greenburg you can borrow my knife if you like. It’s razor sharp and cuts very accurately on very small jobs.

  • D Davis

    What did he cut off when American citizen, US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested and jailed for 7 months? Snowflakes please melt away.

  • J. C.

    He does not have a penis. This guy has pussy written all over him. I can see by looking at him he has marched with the feminists, the gays, BLM and various other left wing groups which is fine his choice. But him a pussy if he has a dick he really dose not need it. Go ahead no of us care.

  • Kristi M Karnopp

    Okay, this kid is nuts and crazy. The words in this article being used? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I do not support this kid at all for wanting to do this. Everyone seems to be so angry these days and this leaves my heart aching badly for peace once again – knowing that is not going to happen any longer.

  • JBrickley

    Meh… Just like Madonna giving BJ’s for Hillary Votes (I wouldn’t touch that with a strangers junk wrapped in six layers of latex), or all the musicians and movie stars vowing to leave the US. This is yet another meaningless claim. Besides, he’s not Mexican nor South American. Just another secular Leftist attacking prayer in school. Really, if there is no God what do they fear? Why the hate?

    Donald will win, and keep on winning and the wall will be built, Mexico will pay for it and this guy will back out of his bet because he’s a coward. He doesn’t have the balls to do it. Unlike like Tibetan Monks who have actually self-immolated in public. Douse themselves with an accelerant and light a match. Now that takes some serious self-control. Most of them don’t even scream when they are engulfed in flames.

  • nd4spd

    injustice? maybe he should protest the mexican gov… but I say we start crowdfunding atleast a mile of wall in trumps name just so he cant breed

  • DougDante


    I hope you don’t actually intend to do this, but, like those celebrities who threaten to leave the USA but never do, are merely grandstanding.

    The personal is political, and emasculation seems to be a goal of liberal feminism. That’s why you feel compelled to cut off your penis to protest a president who won largely by the votes of men.

    Don’t do it. Visit us at reddit’s mensrights subreddit. Stop by and rant. Argue with us if you like.

    At some point, I hope that you will grasp your behavior is self destructive.

    And keep your penis. It’s a good thing.

    – Doug Dante

  • Captain Pants

    Please oh PLEASE do this! In fact I suggest all liberals do this as soon as possible!

  • Klaus Zwiegler

    First libsh*t that came out with a bright idea to stop the spreading of idiocracy. Let’s hope it catches on to may more!!

  • How’s he gonna reach it with those little T-Rex arms?

  • Terry Higginbotham

    Not sure how he is going to cut off something he undoubtedly doesn’t have. oh sorry you said penis, I thought it said balls.

  • Sandy McNab

    Most likely has no balls so cutting off that appendix won’t change much….

  • OneAmericanAmongMany

    Oh please, build the wall NOW. And do the deleteadicktomy on pay per view.

  • scott redmond

    pls do it way far up in the mountains and dont tell anyone the location as u will be ridding the world of stupid idiot

  • Micheal J Nowa

    First off its going to take a Microscope , sneezing powder ,tweezers and a quick hand to get the job done or when in a “Pinch” Just use a rusty can lid.Now when performing the procedure it needs to be done in mexico “on the other side of the wall so mexico can pick up the tab for his health and medical expenses , after all he’s there hero he gave up his dick for them he poses no threat to them he just eliminated his gene pool 🙂 !

  • Dennis Patterson

    He can will it to Clooney for a lollipop.

  • Jesse Callahan

    I wonder what kind of injustice this knucklehead idiot thinks 12 Million Mexican illegals invading our country from an unprotected border is? I think he is in the same category as Rosie O’Donnell who claimed she would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected. Well, she changed her mind and backed out on the deal to my great sorrow. He will lose his nerve and back out..

  • shamroc

    At first i thought it was Chaz Bono.

  • shamroc

    I’am still waiting for all the Hollyweird liberals to leave the country.

  • edb

    Why wait?

  • Terry Wright

    I hope he does cut his dick off! I would hate the thought of people like him being allowed to reproduce!

  • llred

    Good heaven’s, I knew liberals were ridiculous, but this one – well, he’s about 5 beers short of a six-pack!

  • 1776Mariner

    He needs to be nominated for the Darwin Award which usually is awarded to people who kill themselves doing something incredibly stupid. Well, he probably won’t die if he really does this, but it is soooo moronic, he deserves the award in his idiotic lifetime!!!

  • Trevor Punt


    on his transformation on becoming a woman lol!!!!!

  • dale


  • Sherry Turner Hinds

    WOW…..what an idiot…people hurting them self and blame it on our new #PresidentDonaldJTrump, I hope you know you will die if you do this….and you probably have NO health insurance so the tax payers will have to pay for you STUPID idea….I think you need to rethink your decision to do such a DUMB ASS THING….. SMDH

  • Hal49

    “…will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

    Will bring worldwide attention to what an INSANE LIBERAL DUMB ASS YOU ARE! Maybe he can oup it in a baggy and the celebs who are leaving the country after Trump won, can take it with them. Be about the only dick Rosie O’Donnell and some of those other stupid broads are ever going to get.

  • Domionick Fanelli

    Hope he cuts it off, it will go with his lack of balls or brains.

  • Just shut up, Okay!

    I think it’s pretty evident who’s got the issues in this country. I say off with it! Then I say we invite all the Mexicans to move to America and we ship all the liberals (SJW’s) to live in Mexico.

  • Judy Ward StClair Baker

    Wow , I’ve read most of these comments and if seven hundred people volunteer to build a mile of the wall it will be done in no time, several miles have already been donated here!!! keep going!!!

  • Bobby

    I’ll volunteer my time to help build it too, the more of these morons we stop from reproducing, the better

  • Alan L. LaBar

    I believe this young fellow should “ponder” his decision since it will undoubtedly get him his “Moment of fame” he may find his effort very “empty” in the future. History seems to forget the vast majority of us, At best his remaining friends may purchase a headstone which reads; This fellow cut off his own “Penis In Protest”.

  • guitta Dabe

    I thought he already became a eunuch by becoming a male Democrat! What’s still there to cut?

  • Sg Harley


  • Amos Stoltzfus

    Street talk is Nancy Pelosi will take it off with one bite!

  • joe liegel

    This douchebag might as well cut it off. Doubt if any woman will give him a reason to use it in this century or any other.

  • Jackie Morrison

    and we all hope that it will also stop his gene pool from expanding

  • Jeff Jackson

    good.. we need all liberals to stop reproducing….

  • Ladarius Wooten

    Truth is, that he probably just wants to be transgendered anyways, but wants to tie it in like he is standing for something. Better cut it off before Obamacare gets repealed, or he will have to pay for the hospital visit himself. As a beta cuckold, he doesn’t need it anyways. If he even had one to begin with.

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  • luvn8s

    He’d be better off to promise a lobotomy. Do people really get off on making idle threats? Like “let’s not build that wall because this douche bag promised to go all Lorena Bobbitt.” Really?! Mix up the mortor MF’S I’m in!
    Democrats are slowly driving their own away.

  • Bill Walsh

    I hope this happens,But just like all the celebs moving to Canada it’s just a liberal lying again

  • Okie Driller

    Want me to send you my fingernail clippers ? That is all u need for that little worm.

  • Lew

    This is not funny folks Seth Greenberg better known around the University of California campus as Seth “DickHead” Greenberg could die from this.

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  • Mike Hanson

    “injustice inflicted on the Mexican people”…..What injustice? They aren’t entitled to just come here willy nillie. They have a country. Either come here legally or stay home.

  • Archanian offers a wide variety of “cigar cutters” that will do the trick. Easy, peasy Seth.


    He’s going for a sympathy ‘invite’, so to speak. Very clever, if ever so slightly desperate

  • Sven79

    Wait a minute, did he say publicly, or pubicly?

  • Marty Howard

    Let it happen!!!

  • edofseasia

    Do they still take SAT Tests for California colleges??? If so apparently this clown had someone take it for him. If they have stopped the SAT Test requirement, California in in great need of requiring it again.

  • Bill Jeffs

    This is a good thing, right? One more snowflake unable to reproduce…..

  • Sydron Knight

    This is Great NEWS. People like Seth Greenberg do not need to procreate.

  • airstart

    So what, I doubt if this moron’s got much use for a penis of hjs own anyway.

  • trump blast

    So he’s afraid that a wall will hurt mexico ??? Maybe the citing should start 2.5feet higher

  • Susan Espanol

    I will bring the magnifying glass so this moron can find it.

  • Дани С

    why not… he has no usage for it…

  • BJ001

    Just when I thought I have heard everything..

  • BigMG

    He’s got no cajones anyway.

  • Bassman843

    Finally a Dummycrat that got it right. Don’t fight Trump by shooting your mouth off, Fight Trump by cutting your willy off! That’ll show him! I wish more Dummycrats would follow suit!

  • T.F. Sinclair

    I will give him a sharp knife to do the deed

  • Jamie

    I agree with Bill Hershman and so he doesn’t need his penis anyway, cut away, he could probably sever it completely off with just one small nick.

  • 7 Moore

    I would tell him that his object of sacrifice might be useful one day, but in his case, nah, probably not, so I’m all for it. Do what you think you must young man.

  • Marine Core Soldier

    How is building a border fence any different than what every other country on earth does? How is that an injustice to the mexican people?

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  • tlynnprice

    I believe he’ll cut off his nub as much as I believe the actors who vowed to leave this country if Trump won have left or will leave America. Idle words spoken out of ignorant mouths.

  • Josh Hamilton

    Keep to your word, libtard.

  • Benzeel

    It’s probably a good idea so this moron does reproduce! I don’t get these clowns. How is it an injustice against Mexicans to protect our own border?!! We are a sovereign nation! We have a right to protect our borders! People from other countries don’t have a right to be here! Drives me crazy!

  • Nicholas Carr

    This is a wonderful idea. The world will REALLY notice if ALL Liberals follow suit!

  • MarkReedSr

    Mr. Greenberg has no use for borders and no use for a penis. The rest of the US has a use for a secure border and humanity will be well served if Mr. Greenberg can not create anymore little Greenberg’s. Build the wall and put little Greenberg’s penis in the corner stone.

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  • Big Al

    I bet there is someone out there already building…

  • Gary Russell

    I bet we could get a lot of citizens to build it.

  • Roger B

    I hope he will make the date public so we can go watch.

  • How about all the snowflakes cut them off for every inch of wall built tall enough to keep them out ! the hits just keep coming from those who expected Trump to give up for hillary to be coronated !!!

  • Alan Wood

    Made 4 TV!!
    Actually guy, I wouldn’t cut off my dickie save it for Justin Trudeau.

  • Iceman1956


  • rayunseitig

    Oh, yeah, that’s nothing, I’m going to set my eyebrows on fire and eat a pile of dog poop.

  • rayunseitig

    send it in with 2 box tops from sugar frosted flakes, to Bill Clinton Foundation and Become the Democrat of the month.

  • rayunseitig

    vote: how many Americans think this is for real. LOL

  • Michael Garrett

    If this guy is our future, we are sooooooooo skroooooood.

  • unreal

    He may as well he gave his BALLS to the Anointed one in 2008 !!

  • Mike Veeeeee

    Then he would be closer to being a women than Bruce Caitlyn Jenner

  • Pingback: Fake News: Jew College Student Threatens to Cut Off Penis if Trump Builds Wall | saboteur365()

  • Peter Pilling

    What about the one attached to his forehead?

  • markflag

    What restroom would he use afterwards?

  • Jim

    A prime candidate for the “DARWIN AWARDS”

  • Pingback: 2nd California Student vows to remove penis if Trump builds wall()

  • Phaenius

    To tell the truth, this kid is SURE that Trump builds a wall and is actually wanting a sex change operation before he thought of this cute way to enter into a world that would actually on some FUND ME site, provide the funds to further his transgenderism. Of course this is just a thought along the line of a lot of this Liberal thought processes.

  • Bronston Kenney

    Yeah, right after Rosie O’Donnell moves to Canada, neither will be missed.

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  • EJ Roshto

    I’ll send the knife! It may be a little dull so just take your time 🙂

  • Ken

    He completely represents these liberal braindead spineless weakminded uneducated doped up freaks. We must consider a civil war exterminating liberals whether they are family, friend or foe for the sake of humanity. No mercy on the mentally ill destroying our America and freedoms. wake up and get ready……

  • Ken

    I’d shit down this fuckers throat…..

  • Degoragon

    Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard!

  • Degoragon

    And the next nominee for “The Darwin Awards” goes to……….;

  • nutterboxer

    Hey Greenberg,

    My Mexican wife and children, who all live LEGALLY in the United States, can’t wait for mile one to be completed. Chinga tu madre culero.

  • LizzienDFW

    that’s okay, he can renegade on that deal like Trump did during his campaign to release his tax returns once he is elected.. you do the same as our prez-elect has done all along.. make false claims

  • njdvorak

    Well if he really acts on his promise I say that it would be a great day for our Country. We don’t want idiots like this to procreate and have idiot children of his own.

  • MrsRanMac

    What a Dumbass!!!!

  • PaulD

    Brilliant, hope it becomes a movement. This may actually kill two birds with one stone. No leftist penises, Planned Parenthood will go out of business.

  • Juan

    All kidding aside, how does this Democrat leftist come to believe that building a wall on our border to keep criminals/terrorists/illegals out of our country is an “injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people?” Every country has the absolute right to determine who is allowed into its territory. This fool obviously doesn’t understand how the Mexican government treats its southern neighbors.

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    If his dick is as small as his mind, he better find some tiny scissors


    Probably a Bottom anyway

  • Carl up North

    Why doesn’t the young snowflake just cut his balls off? Obviously he has no use for them and it’ll help keep the gene pool uncontaminated.

  • Plowboy

    He is a loud mouth poser, a liar, and a panty-waste. Just a big pussy and typical liberal whiner. I triple dog dare!

  • Spyderman550

    I would be happy to provide a scalpel….with a nice, new blade.

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  • Chandie Bartell

    Where’s the brick and mortar? Let’s get started.

  • Chasej

    Why don’t you blow your brains out to while your at it

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  • Salre 22
  • Benjamin Smith

    Between this an Madonna’s “incentive honor” I guess this get went “all or nothing.”

  • Chips Ahoy

    I’m sure he will have no problem finding someone from that march over the weekend to help him out when he does it.

  • Repression of Religion and some hallucinations people will care… Let him castrate himself.. In private. In public… Apply the law in every way possible to keep him from hurting himself by any means…. Nut case.