Css Webkit Font Smoothing Subpixel Antialiased

This utility is to render text using grayscale antialiasing. This is a font test.

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Stop fixing font smoothing (dmitry fadeyev) is a great article that picks apart what happens when you enable antialiasing, but also why we sometimes think it’s fixing a problem.

Css webkit font smoothing subpixel antialiased. The last one is most interesting. This class is used for controlling the font smoothing of an element. This has to do with webkit and css.

This results in browsers using the greyscale antialiasing method rather than default subpixel rendering of fonts. Subpixel rendering utilizes each of the three individual subpixels in every pixel of the screen to smooth out and sharpen the edges of the font. It turns subpixel rendering off and instead uses the standard antialiasing technique to make fonts look smoother.

Sign up for free to join this conversation on github. So this code should provide consistent results in firefox and webkit: Ah yes, this is what we want, the sweet spot.

Webkit for whatever reason likes to make the fonts swap from subpixel to standard antialiasing when doing css transforms. Antialiasing relies on whole pixels only, which effectively reduces its smoothing sharpness by three times. It’s mainly for dark backgrounds

I had the exact same problem described in ken avila's post: Here’s a good article on the three webkit modes together with some examples. For now, it won’t work yet, but put this in your css file, and you’ll see the changes in the next update of safari:

Commonly used in mobile devices such as android and ios; This is a font test. Personally, i’ve found the best way to fix this is to force standard antialiasing on the element which is being transformed.

It uses subpixel rendering to increase the apparent resolution of the display, which helps render crispier, sharper text. This is what we see by default. This class does not show any effect.

Has been applied to all fonts.google.com pages where fonts are rendered. /* translatez + scale = fix font blurry */.

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